Monday, July 6, 2015

Linen on stretchers and tablet weaving prep

I stretched the dyed linen, so that I can work on it, but after it's done, it will be hung on dowels, free of the frame.  

I have some plans for this piece, since it is in the form of a dyed landscape, with stars.  Real possibilities there, and ideas for future dyeing exploits,too.
Meanwhile, I figured it won't hurt to learn a new skill while pursuing old ones, and I made a set of cards for tablet weaving.  I used the carton from a box of coffee, I knew there was a reason I got the good stuff, must have been in it for the box.  And I decided to make the cards more than just functional.  They're 3.5 inches square, a recommended size.

One thing I like to go for is not only recycling and upcycling and being frugal, but of installing meaning beyond that, into the work.

 So, thanks to a lovely collection of cards and greetings over the years from HGD Heather, I selected a few  to give them a whole new life.  There's Mother Jones, and a burlesque dancer, and the labyrinth at Chartres, and an architectural feature, and a group of cooks doing their early morning exercises.  And a great Alberta beast!

All of them have interest and meaning beyond just being little cards -- note that my corner punch came into play here -- and when the hole punch arrives, since, after all, I didn't have one in the studio, I'm ready for action.  Already selecting yarn to cut.   So the content of the cards, as well as being a constant reminder of Heather, will be there as I work this new skill.  And I have more material for making future cards, since tablet weaving can involve a lot more than my initial few.


  1. this dyed piece has worked beautifully.

  2. Hmmm - much interest on this front to see how you plan to incorporate card and weaving (sez I, as I just this week made up a big pack of paper cast-offs to pass along). Does this mean I might be tempted to (horrors!) actually KEEP them?


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