Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dyeing with natural and unnatural colors

I seem to be returning to my roots, oops unintended pun, there.   After an afternoon of dyeing with spinach then a mix of beet and red cabbage, with turmeric in there, too, some shibori, some dipdyeing, I ended up pouring color down the fabric as I used to years ago.  French Blue and a deep pink, silk dyes.  I really don't need to rinse till clear anyway, since these pieces are not going to be washed, but be stretched or hung with dowels.

Here's part of the process, many moving parts in this one.  This is an edited few! 

Then you'll see the finished whole piece followed by a couple of details, which may become finished pieces themselves.  As you will see, I was working sideways on this piece the whole time, intending it for a horizontal artwork.

And I tossed kosher salt on the silk dye as it dried, to make starbursts, and create a kind of landscape effect.  I think this is a horizontal piece, long lines.  You can see a water image in the foreground, and suggested trees and shrubs, with mountains in the distance.  It might be two or even three pieces, this often happens to me.  And there will be goldwork and other stitching, possibly beading, too..  TBA!

Meanwhile, while I was up in the studio pressing the painted dyed piece, I finished the purple dyed backing for the small doorway piece, and here it is.

You can see the molded impressions taken during the shibori dyeing process, which I left there, very happy with them.  This piece was dyed with red maple, I think.

And while the iron was hot, I struck again, and pressed out the card woven scissor keeper.  

What a ton of learning went into making that little thing! and now I examine it I can understand the effect of turning the cards different ways.  It's working like a tiny workbook of beginning cardweaving.

So a lot of movement in the studio today.


  1. you are having so much fun with your dyeing and so much fabric is appearing. the nearest get to dyeing anything is with silk paints that I normally sponge on and then like you sprinkle with salt. I do not do messy!
    Scissor keeper has worked very well, I have made some tatted ones for mine.

  2. Very neat dyeing idea. I've been saving my onion skins but have yet to dye with them. Soon!


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