Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ready, Set, Bead!

Lovely community workshop yesterday, with about 16 youngsters, two assistants and the indefatigable Donna on deck, and we had a great time learning to make paper beads, to create necklaces and bracelets -- everyone went home wearing a creation -- and incidentally learning about the relations of colors to one another, but I slipped that in under the radar.

So here's the setup and then the  furious beading activity, amazingly intent group, and their proudly displayed creations. 

They made their own beads from a selection of three different papers, which I'd predrawn with guidelines to show them where to cut, one kraft paper, which makes beads that look like wood, went over big with the boys' contingent, one plain bright colored, their choice, one a sheet torn from a colorful magazine.  Then we explored, after creating a dozen or so beads, how to arrange them to bead in a good design, then thread them and finish off necklace or bracelet with a firm knot.

Quite a lot of learning in this apparently simple activity.

Some of the participants seemed interested in continuing this new skill, and after I showed them a lot of beads I'd made and explained about finishing them with nail polish at home, they went off full of summer plans.

This workshop was the first of the summer program. I wanted to lead off the  program for two reasons, one being, full disclosure, that I wanted to get my part of it over with (!) and the other that this is a nice summer activity for all ages, that you can do in a bit of down time at the beach or the park or at home on rainy days.

Great props to Donna S. for the background work and support that made it all look easy on the day, and to the Plainsboro Public Library for presenting all kinds of interesting events open free to the community.


  1. And I am recalling how many diligent adults joined in the bead learning so many years ago! Kudos to Liz! Otherwise known as the Fairy God Mother of Arts at Plainsboro Public Library!!!! Such a great supporter. Such an advocate for arts in everyone's life!

  2. I love to be able to peak in on your workshops. You do a lot to pass the arts down to the younger generation, you are an inspiration in many ways my friend.

  3. so good to see the youngsters wanted to learn, get them at a young age and keep them for life in the creative world beats playing on computers which so many kids seem hooked on these days.

  4. Your library is very enviable and should be held up as a role model for a great many others. Our library does some things with younger ones but I don't think they do much for the teens. I suspect many of your bead making group will make more over the summer. SO much better than spending their time playing video games!


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