Friday, June 12, 2015

Dyeing Report while I forage for more materials

The threads came out of a 24 hour dyebath today, and look pretty nice. I think the dyeing properties of natural materials wanes as you use it.  

The first Dorset buttons I dyed in this same dye as the top threads here, red onionskin and Japanese red maple,  came out much more saturated.  These are nice, but much more piano.  So now I know. Showing you this against white and blue for better seeing how the color, originally bright white, came out.

Likewise the two shirts, one rayon, one cotton knit, that came out of a similar dyebath, of marigold.  

Nice color, very very pale.  This is useful information for future use.  It seems that the dyeing properties are best on first use, so probably not worth preserving the dye for later use, unless I want nothing but pale.

I need to get a lot more raw material to work with, and I'm working up the courage to ask a neighbor if I can pick some of her dying roses out front. They're a red, heavy blooming sort of vining rose, tons of flowers, all dying, but might be nice to use.  I think her English is up to knowing what I'm asking about, too, a big plus in this town! 

Full disclosure: at the Asian store this morning, I swiped a handful of Spanish onion skins from the bottom of the counter display, you know, the stuff that would be swept up at the end of the day. 

I felt funny about it, but the man stocking the produce area has literally no English and probably would just wave his hands at me to go away!  so I left rather furtively...but I was shopping there, not just swiping.  And I expect there'd be no problem with taking them, if he could get the idea.  I am planning to swipe some red onion skins soon, in the bin next to the yellow the police blotter for further developments.

It seems that dyer's larceny is as bad as gardener's larceny, to the truly hellbent.


margaret said...

tutting here at your onion skins!!! Much better that you swiped them rather than them being swept up and thrown away. You are certainly having fun changing and upcycling your old tops etc

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your skin escapade reminded me of the time our #1 son (who prided himself on asking for the weirdest things on his Christmas list) asked for a chicken foot. Chicken feet are few and far between here, so we headed for an Asian store and saw then in a display case. I asked the attendant for a foot. He didn't speak much English and had a great deal of difficulty grasping the fact that yes, I only wanted ONE foot (crazy white lady!). Finally he put a foot in a bag and told me 'free'. We snuck out of the store hoping we wouldn't get caught for shoplifting a foot. Can you imagine the headlines?? Came home, put foot in freezer, and Christmas Eve it went into his sock. The next morning we got up and wondered what the unholy stench was.