Monday, May 4, 2015

The Secret's in the Mail

I brought these items in to show my embroidery buds in the course of the workshop yesterday, and got their approval to ship! 

It's a set of four coasters, on no. 7 plastic canvas, which I backed with cork, and worked in doubled full strands of floss, the gold one strictly following the pattern, and the others branching out to the point of no return...not being sure of her color scheme, I figured at least one of these will work!  and I hope they're frivolous enough to enjoy putting them out and entertaining friends as well as all the other things this lady has in her schedule.  These are from that book of  stitch patterns I showed you earlier. I am definitely getting my money's worth out of that book.  And Ash, the variegated thread is part of what you sent me a while back.

So here are Heather's Coasters:

Set out on two different backgrounds, because I don't know what background they'll land on in their new home.  I hope she really enjoys them. I certainly got a lot of pleasure out of working them for her.


  1. these are charming, Liz: im sure they'll go with everything--

  2. I'm sure your friend will love these and use them all, not matter what her colour scheme.

  3. good to see plastic canvas being used a good idea for coasters

  4. Beautiful! Great idea for plastic coasters.

  5. These are so gorgeous! I love the colours :)

  6. Very nice. Anyone would love to have them.


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