Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The chrysanthemum is progressing nicely

Here's the current State of the Mum.  

Since the petals are very filled in and flat (there will be stumpwork petals in the midst of these, though, which you see still on the little hoop to the left) I'm thinking of lightening up on the leaves, and just indicating shapes and shading, not filling them in completely, which will look really opaque and defeat the purpose of this translucent silk.

I've had to devise methods of getting the thread to travel without showing, though, with the split stitch outline: I whipped the thread down the back to a good place to emerge on the front again, so it's invisible from the front, but the thread is where it needs to be for the next part.  This was easy to do, since split stitch leaves a line of stitches on the back that you can easily whip around.

I have two shades of green to work on after the outline is done, and I have to think about the best way to do that.


Asha Francis said...

This is coming along nicely!

mittens said...

yes, this is lovely, it just glows

margaret said...

what a beauty this is going to be