Friday, May 8, 2015

Stitching at both ends of the spectrum, in various ways

Three projects at work simultaneously, each worked on daily where I can.  The Big Doorway is shaping up, very free form, designing as I go

The yellow stitch painting of the flower, very exact and fine and satisfying work, I love to angle the stitches to try to show the movement of the petals and their irregularities

And totally following orders, here's another tissue box, using the tapestry yarn I scored at the thriftie this week.  Probably to be a gift for someone.  

This is the sort of stitching you can do while you watch Pie in the Sky which I'm rewatching this week. 

No design work, just happily follow the patterns.  I like very much the way this Bucilla tapestry yarn gives a good stitch definition, and the light and shade that play on it give you a lot more color than just the basic cream.

Up next, when my package arrives, Dorset buttons. I gave up on trying to find curtain rings or any rings that were within a reasonable price, some of them really silly, half a dozen little rings for half the cost of my groceries for a week, I ask you...anyway, while a fellow stitcher is searching her house for her mother's stash of curtain rings, which she will find at some time, I ordered up O rings from a science sort of category.  

Right size, not sure of the texture, but we'll see how they work when they get here, which will be today. And at a couple of dollars for a package of 100, plenty of room for experiment without tears.


  1. Lovely! I do love that ivory yarn on rhe plastic canvas. It has lovely character.

  2. three lovely projects you have on the go here, hand stitching, so much more relaxing than machine work and beautifully done. Trust the rings work fro the dorset buttons hope to see some soon


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