Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dorset button the First

I made my first Dorset button, a little wobbly, but done. I still haven't got a big enough ring to work on -- this was one inch across, a bit small to learn on -- but anyway, it sort of worked.

I used a nice white linen yarn, from that thriftie haul a few days back, and a tapestry needle, and more or less following youtube studies, most of which were only marginally helpful, the bits where I wanted them to show me much better being rushed past, oh well, did manage to make one.

Anyway, here she is. Dorset Button Mark One.   A lot of fun doing it, but I'd like to do more weaving on a bigger one.  Or with finer thread on this size button.  Linen is good to work with because it stays where you put it, doesn't slip around, and since there are a couple of points where you need three hands, this is a plus for a beginner.

I fancy using gold thread for a few of these, to add to the Big Doorway piece, what a surprise, me using gold, I mean..and I'm sure there are other things that can happen with them.


  1. Interesting! I am always learning something new when I check in. It looks very nice.

  2. Congrats on Dorset button #1. Needs nimble fingers doesn't it? And patience. I made a very small and one a bit larger covered in multi coloured very fine thread. I've tried only buttonhole and sort of chain weaving so far.


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