Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Studio Transformed

Transformed. that is, from a printmaking and painting area into a textile arts place, where all the surfaces are clean and you can safely put stitching down and I can now see from the middle of the room where everything is, a huge new deal.

It finally happened when I was working downstairs this morning and realized that I needed stuff from the third floor yet again, this was ridiculous, so it only took two trips to get both current works up there complete with threads and beads.  

So now I have an actual worktop for stitching at, where I can spread out, and have two works going at once, with room for both, under the window, good light.  I have a high sort of barstool type chair, and the edge of the worktop supports the frame nicely.

I decided to take pix before the disorganization gets under way again.  This feels very strange to me, a neat and clean studio, a contradiction in terms from my previous art lives.

It's good, though, to have a work area that is a workplace, that I can leave as is and go off and do other things, without having it in sight when I'm not working on it. That gets you mentally tired more than actually doing it.

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  1. Nice feeling of virtue when everything is neat and tidy and in one place.


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