Monday, April 13, 2015

Thank you, Florence K! paper artists unite!

This post is in the nature of a thank you to Florence K., who in the course of the workshop we were both in yesterday, gave me a present of a bracelet made from paper and glass beads, by women in Uganda, who make them and all kinds of jewelry and decorative items as an earning stream.  

She'd found it at a craft show where women who go to Uganda to buy the pieces in order to resell them to US customers, were presenting a display.  Florence was impressed with the idea of both doing a good thing by contributing, and giving me a paper bead bracelet, since I'll be teaching paper jewelry to our embroidery guild next month.  Just so's you know, it was Florence who introduced me to beading...I think she has something to answer for there! just sayin'   She's a wonderful stitcher and beader and has been working on it since she was a little girl, which is, oh well, quite a few decades ago..

The bracelet's threaded on memory wire, which wraps comfortably around your wrist, making it one size fits practically everyone, even me, with my big hands!  Florence, I love it, and I'm not taking it off.  I'm out playing music this afternoon, so I will get it admired there, too!   being paper, it's light in weight, doesn't drag your wrist down though it's big enough for drama.

If you're interested in knowing more about this worthy cause, and browsing in their shop area, where there are a lot of other wonderful pieces,  take a look here

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