Monday, April 20, 2015

Not art, but fun on a day with a cold

Coughing endlessly and really not able to do anything fine in the stitching line, sneezing, all that, so I started on a little thing I just fancied, having seen a fellow stitcher at stitch in with this book 

and some samples of her own work.  I promptly sent away for the book and some plastic canvas.  It's dead simple, great fun, 7 mesh plastic canvas, and I'm just blindly following the stitches on the diagram, most unusual for me, very restful in fact.  Big needle, big yarn, big meshes, quite a change.  I have to force myself to stop, though, before I'm completely spent. But it does involve counting, which is a good brain exercise for me, since hardly anything I make involves counting anything literally.  So this is good, using parts of the brain that have been lying idle, while the rest of it has been galloping all over on hobbyhorses.

And it's also using up some yarns that have been lying around waiting for a job to do.  Last time I used plastic canvas was waaaaay back, when I used it to teach little kids to make miniature furniture.

Of course, once done, this tissue box will probably acquire beads and other items...

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Minimiss said...

I am all caught up on your fabulous art works. Love this year's Easter eggs and so sorry I missed them at the time. Your goldwork initals are beautiful and I'm loving looking at your doorways.