Thursday, March 5, 2015

A funny thing happened on the way to the weaving

The original thought was to create a weaving as a backdrop to Doorway Two, so I started on a weaving, using copper ribbon and silk floss, and a newly cut cardboard loom, and then realized I had started on Doorway Three...

there will be more parts to this in terms of manipulating the weaving, still to be decided.  But it does seem as if Doorway Two is done. And this is the last of the series.

It's a side effect of a lot of art material organization and moving yesterday, where all my little weaving bits and spinning bits were moved upstairs along with the embroidery materials and beads, finally all in one home in the studio.  And a couple of attendant catastrophes, which I will whine about in Field and Fen.

This including the catastrophes, the shakuhachi effect at work again, triggered all kinds of new ideas, including this one.  Just a helpless prawn, I tell you.

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dogonart said...

This is an interesting start to doorway three. Looking forward to see where you go on this. Nice following your work.