Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grow Your Blog Giveaway Announcement!

So, the Dollivers and Elton being a large part of the ongoing art work that is this life, they, along with Duncan the cat, took part in the Great Drawing this morning. Note the Tidepool piece in the background, to remind you what the award is.

I copied out the entrants' names and IDs onto a piece of paper, which I cut into slips, one slip per person, folded and crumpled them, put them in a dish, and invited Duncan to choose.  As you see, he did.  

The one he bit and tried to run away with was the winner, once I got it out of his mouth, a bit damp but still legible, note the toothmarks.

Elton agreed to hold it up for the camera.   And it's, wait for it, it's...

Mary Ann!! of Magpie's Mumblings, beloved crazy quilting corner of the blogosphere.  Send me your mailing address, MA, and I'll ship to you as soon as the PO opens after the holiday.  Enjoy your Tidepool piece.  And if you can send a pic of it with you once you receive it, that would be great. Especially if it also features your dragon..

And thank you everyone for taking part and signing up with such good humor, and inviting me to your corners, too.  And to Vicki, for running this huge event again and inviting both my blogs to take part in it.  My blog life has taken a great upward turn, and I now have a lot of new blogs to visit as well as people to welcome to mine.

Elton is playing us out with a selection of Ruffles and Flourishes, then There She Goes, Mi-hiss Canada, and Crazy.  And he threw in Teddy Bears' Picnic because he's got the piano and his new sweater set, there's no holding him.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yippee!! Thank you SO much Duncan (you deserve an extra few kitty treats tonight) and being serenaded by Elton makes my day (I'm sure he was more than happy to do the presentation after my help in getting him new duds). Woo hoo! Will send off an email with required info shortly. (Thank you Liz - I'm excited to be able to have a wee piece of your art to have alongside those I have from Irene).

Renee said...

Congratulations, MA!

dogonart said...

Thrilled to see you won, MA. Congrats!
Tip of the tail to Duncan!