Thursday, February 5, 2015

Got lemons? what, not even lemons?

In the course of planning the paper jewelry workshop I'm teaching at the next general meeting of the EGA, the embroiderers, I thought it would be nice to find the bag of jewelry I made years ago and which was the reason I was asked to do the workshop.  People saw them, liked them, wanted to learn.

And found it has completely vanished. This is a bag of about 30 necklaces and little bags of beads.  Gone. An exhaustive search has not yielded anything.  This was a blow, since it was the samples I was going to use for the workshop.  Sooooooo, rather than waste even more time searching in the same places over and over, I figured I'd better make new ones.

This turns out to be a good idea, since I brushed up my skills, and I'll make a few new items to show and enjoy.  Not such a deprivation, to be forced to play at jewelry making, after all.

Since my printer is being a bit miserly in how many good copies it will give at one time, I have to figure out if I can get a single good copy to xerox from, to show the bead template, a simple one once you've seen it.  But I think I'll send out the workshop instructions as an email attachment.  Art thrives on restrictions.  At least I hope it will.

 Here's the current state of the studio in mid workshop prep. where I'm making sample beads, assembling papers to share, noting what to buy, what should go in the kits, who's signed up already, who gets kits by mail.  And on and on.  You have to do all this at once, really, since one thing suggests another, and you might as well note it right away.

And here are the beads I made this morning.  More to come.


  1. I've lost bags of cut pieces for quilts, so can commiserate. You know they'll turn up long after you need them. Lucky you were able to recreate what you needed.

  2. Sometimes the universe believes that you need to go through the process all over again. It's usually right. Beautiful beads!

  3. Nothing worse than hiding something from yourself!
    Nothing better than finding said object!

    Lovely beads, Liz!



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