Thursday, February 19, 2015

Doorway One Complete

So after studying Doorway One on the wall for a while, and thinking I like those wonky beads, then I don't like those wbs, then I don't know about those wbs, I ended up realizing they were the wrong thing.  So today I removed all the beads and replaced them with straighter lines of blue beads, and a nice copper ribbon ending with beads of some semi precious material whose name escapes me.  

And I'm much happier with the whole thing.  This piece is surprisingly heavy, what with all the brass chain and the two heavy beads.  It feels good.

Last night at the embroiderers' stitch in I started on the next in the series, different color feeling, different sense of doorway.  

This is another polaroid transfer image on nylon superimposed on a piece of knitted sparkly fabric I hand dyed in greens.  So we'll see where this goes. The image looks big because it's in a very small hoop. But it's the same size as the Doorway One image up above.

 I started with the usual snailtrail not much idea of where it's going yet, but that will unfold, I expect.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm intrigued by the chains - the illusion of weightiness and yet the very nature of chain gives an airiness too. I really like this one and the fact that it's in some of my favourite colours certainly helps!!

dogonart said...

Oh Good.... you found the right answer to the beads. Now my stomach can relax. Heh Heh!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Very, very cool looking doorway and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the next one you make. Thanks for the comment on having a fan going when working with Tyvek. I do use a fan and also wear a heavy duty respirator mask. I'm looking forward to warmer weather in a few months when I can open a window too :)

Boud said...

So glad to hear you're aware! your readers might like a heads up, too, since a lot of people simply don't think about outgassing. Look at the people who think it's safe to cut styrofoam with an electric knife...gah. Or who use their regular oven to bake Sculpey. Need I go on..yes, I do, there's also spray adhesive, deadly dangerous stuff.