Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to my own work, stitching and weaving

I'm back with my stitching, the doorway motif which was the polaroid transfer print, and with trapunto going on.  Here you can see some couching and beading in progress, and the small purple weaving in the background might possibly go with this stitching.

 Not sure yet, but I'll know more when I remove the stitching from the hoop and cut around it. The ragged edges of the transfer image won't be part of the finished work.  I might be able to mount the stitched piece onto the weaving, then frame them together that way. The weaving will fit into an 8 x 8 box frame.  Just a thought at this point.

I decided it didn't fit with the bigger work I originally had it in mind for, not right in spirit, so it will be a freestanding small work, possibly one of a series.  The bigger work has suggested doorways, but the overall feeling of it is different.

You'll see my latest toy there, too, my LED portable worklight. It folds right down to the size of a fat wallet, easy to carry about and work in places where the light isn't quite good enough for stitching. It has three light levels, and I use it at the brightest setting.  I'm an LED fan now!

And the dear little loom is another favorite tool, made in the US, yay, all metal, beautifully finished.  Designed largely for potholders, but I use it for all kinds of artworks.


  1. beautiful-anxious now to see the finish. allot of weavers are using that little loom for all sorts of projects now, they even have designed a newer design that is suppose to be easier to use-I still have my very old metal one too

  2. Nice to see you're back stitching. That folding LED lamp looks interesting. I'm going see about one for myself. Haven't seen these before so thanks for the heads up.

  3. I got it from one of those little catalogs that come in the mail. I suspect they're all the same company with different catalogs. Harriet Carter or Carol Wright Gifts one of those. Recycled now, sorry.

  4. I have a newish LED light in my studio too - not as nice-looking as yours though. Mine looks like a funky green bird out of the psychedelic 60's. I love it, despite its odd look.


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