Thursday, January 22, 2015

Giveaway gift for Grow your Blog Day January 25

Here's what the lucky random winner will receive, to be announced February 15th.

Image is titled Tidepool, in pearl and other beads, goldwork and other metallic threads, stitched on Belgian linen.  Stitched area is 4 inches by 3 inches, and there's a margin of linen around to enable you to mat or to miter and hem.

Please note that all you need to do enter is comment on this blog on January 25th.  No need to have a blog of your own, no need to sign up as a follower, unless you're dying to do that, just comment and you're in. If you're one of the followers who comment via email rather than onsite, I'll count you in anyway.

Mark your calendar, tell your friends!  Some readers don't know how to comment, but do respond in email, via my mailing list, so I will include you.


  1. Wonderful giveaway prize - would be nice to win!

  2. Very precious giveaway. Thank you so much!

  3. Stunning! My "official comment" will be above.


  4. incredibly beautiful piece of work. It would be just too good to win this.

  5. how very pretty.
    love everything.

  6. Thank you so much, what a beautiful giveaway.

  7. love the work of your hands and heart! hand made paper...woo're talented in bunches of ways. visiting via Vicki's GYBP and enjoying your blog.


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