Friday, December 5, 2014

About that big plan for taking time off from making art..

About that plan to take a bit of time to let new ideas soon as I made that decision, I had a great urge to search through my very small stash of threads and fabrics, and suddenly found a new idea demanding to be heard.  I just can't take orders, even from myself.

I found a remnant of what I think is handblocked Japanese fabric, black design on grey background.  I used another piece of this in an earlier exhibit piece, using the front of the fabric, but looking back at that, now found it okay, but much more timid than what I propose here.

I've stretched this, and plan to use the back of the fabric, and work on the top of the frame, artist style, not the back of the frame, stitcher style, so that the piece will be ready to hang as is, once completed.

You see the chalked-on design, nice curved shapes, and this reminded me of some goldwork samples I made when I was first learning goldwork, teaching myself, and here would be a place to applique them and they'll work.  

I backed them with stick-on plastic, to preserve the edges from fraying, then cut them from their original fabric, and here you see them placed temporarily in what might not be their eventual home.  The white edges will support additional stitching. I might still dye the pieces, too, because the gold threads will shine through well. It would have been good to think of dyeing it before I cut it out, but oh well.

And I've put out a selection of gold and silver threads, including some real gold threads, finally using them, the ones you see on the cardboard tubes, already rolled and ready for action.

So this is what happens when you don't plan to make art. This piece is currently known as No Name, until it develops to where I know what it's about.

I also finally did some moving of lights, so that the table can be useful as a workplace, and the sofa as a nonwork spot.  

I just moved the dining table lamp and switched it with the tasklight I had set up over the sofa.  I think I'll have less competition from cats if I work at a table.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good luck with that non-competition with the cats! I think it's a good thing that we don't listen to ourselves and go with the whim as it strikes.

margaret said...

another very interesting project you are doing here, are your cats so well trained they do not get on the table?

Boud said...

I had emails about cats on tables, too...and I must say I have little confidence that mine will stay off. It's more a goal than a hope! one isn't interested in jumping at all, and the other prefers to get right behind me on my chair and try to ease me off it, so that would be okay. We'll see!

Nancy Davison said...

As to cats, I've found that mine is always right there wherever I'm working. As an astrologer I do a good deal of work on the computer, and I think I finally have him trained not to walk on the keyboard, but he still wants to play with my hands and lay his head on the keyboard when I'm working.

When he was younger he rejoiced whenever I had a jigsaw puzzle laid out on the table, which he thought was an invitation to jump and slide, and you know what happened then! Pieces all over the floor, and him licking his paws as if he'd just had a really yummy dinner!