Monday, October 13, 2014

Wilderness stitching spinoff continues, getting the habitat ready for the little lizard

He's actually quite a large lizard in this setting.  It's all relative.  Anyway, I've been trying out a few ideas here, as I stitch on the grassy areas in the foreground.  

 And here with the lizard in residence, but he may move before his final decision.

There may be some nice shreds of trailing shiny stuff from the tree areas later, like Spanish moss, trailing between the lizard and the viewer,  but meanwhile, I'm seeing how this goes.  And remembering that there will be a background of probably silk fabric, to emphasize the openness of the design. If I keep it open and don't fall prey to filling it in in a burst of enthusiasm and stitching.

And I'm finding that I'm working with slippery but pretty threads.  I loved the colors just what I wanted, and the texture nearly made me go spare. Some silk, some rayon. Finally I'm stopping long enough to find the wax and apply it.

As usual, ready, fire, aim, I waxed a couple of threads, passing it through between my thumb and the wax block, both ways, before checking out how to do it, and found, oh well, that was the right way to do it.  Just as well, really, since it was done, for better or worse.  

You'd be amazed at the improvement in the noise level around here, many fewer screams of rage because the thread is not knotting itself up on the back while I'm concentrating on the front. And when the thread has been on a card, it's kinked, and the wax smooths away the kinks nicely. The cats notice my irritation level has subsided, too.

And here's where we are.  I love ideas from blogistas about what might happen next, thank you Florence, for a great one, and I invite everyone, stitcher or not, to contribute.


  1. Wax tends to build up in the eye of the needle and leaves little bits here and there. I prefer to slide the thread through my fingers many times to add a little body oil and remove excess twist. That relieves the screaming from knots and kinks at my house.

  2. from where i sit those lovely greens and blues remind me of a forest, all jungly and spooky. I think it may be because I have no sense of proportion on this, and Im sure that whatever you end up with will be worth the wait.
    This is fascinating, by the way. Its like reading a novel that someone's writing, page by page, one a day...

  3. Ditto Mittens.
    4mm Silk ribbon, if you have any, might work in well and lovely to manipulate. I love the 3D ideas.

  4. this project is so alive with the lizard, i can nearly see him moving. Good tip re the rayon thread, must admit it avoid it as like you it tries my patience, will try the beeswax as I use it for quilting.


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