Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wilderness stitching, the dragonfly in assorted parts

The dragonfly is complete, but not assembled, and I put the parts more or less together to show you how it goes.  Top pic shows part of the original drawing from which I made it

 Bottom pic shows her a bit closer up.  A couple of repair stitches will be needed once I anchor the body in place, since my scissors slipped once or twice.  No harm done, though.  The closeup shows her about twice the life size of the work.

The wires will be slid through the base fabric once in place, and fastened down at the back, and the body stitched down to the background.  Here the wires are in the way a bit, but you get the gist.  They will allow me to pose the wings once the whole thing is in place.  That will be fun.


  1. Those wings look great. Can hardly wait to see the piece finished.

  2. Super looking dragonfly! Very funky and neat looking :)


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