Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wilderness, new arrivals and decisions, decisions

I just came across a wonderful little butterfly, from a treasure box from Judy T., a fine piece of beading on net, which really has to go into the night scene, since it might be a moth.  

 Closer in so you can see the new butterfly/moth better

 And here's how it sits in the whole piece. Along with the luna moth.  Not complete, more will happen, but not a lot, I think.

Then the dragonfly decided to move into the lizard's habitat, so the original work is losing its inhabitants and will need more! disregard the wires on the dragonfly -- they'll slip through the fabric and be secured at the back once we get there.  And she will probably be angled differently at that point.

Tomorrow I'm off to the goldwork adventure, pix later, so I'm leaving this project in nice shape to pick up and continue when I get back, no doubt with ten other projects in process.


Ash said...

Everyone of your little creatures is moving into their preferred habitats. I am very excited to see this all come together.

I especially love the night scene.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The lizard seems to be checking out the dragonfly and I agree that they are living happily together.

mittens said...

it doesnt show in the photo, but that night moth was originally a hand beaded (possibly with a crochet hook, I dont know) fella, and was probably cut off the item (im thinking, ladies' 19th century pocketbook) it came from, for future use. How pleased I am to have found him a new home. Thanks.

Boud said...

When I first came across it, I thought oh, a little heap of tiny beads. Then I realized what I had in my hand, lovely piece of hand made work. So I've been looking for a place to honor it for a while, and seem to have found one.

Minimiss said...

Your lizard and butterflies look very happy in their chosen habitats.