Friday, October 3, 2014

The Wilderness Takes Shape for its Denizens

 I have attached the freeform and painted crochet to the dyed silk background for my wilderness piece, at least one of them. The other is the black sateen one with this crochet design monotyped onto it with copper metallic paint, so it will echo this one.

Next will come some strategic beading, using silver,copper and gold beads as you see in the little dish, attached with the gold silk thread which you see there, too.  After that will come the denizens and probably more yet to be thought up.

I photographed this from two orientations, and this is where I would like some input from blogistas -- do you have a preference as to which way will be up?  before I attach animals and butterflies, I need to decide this.  

The black lines you see, which in rl are a perfect square, but I couldn't get that faithfully, are the outline showing me the edges of the box frame this piece will go into. Incidentally, that's a good tip for any artwork if you already have a frame in mind -- show yourself where the edges will come as a guide.

So if you have a thought, please share it.


  1. I prefer the orientation of the second picture. I am looking forward to seeing this come together.

  2. Have you tried this....pic two, jog east orientation to point North. Its the bit that has 2 triangle shapes which would then be at the top. Clear as mud? Well, you did ask.

  3. My vote? The bottom one, but Dogonart has an interesting possibility too.

  4. personally I like them both ways so I am afraid I am not much help love the crochet will be interesting to see it done the way dogonart has suggested too

  5. I prefer the 2nd pic too, I tried to imagine what the animals and butterflies will look like on it! Interesting work, I'm looking forward to the finished piece.


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