Monday, October 20, 2014

One Wilderness Tamed, more or less

I have managed to get the dragonfly and the lizard rounded up and the stitched grasses done, and some cutouts with brocade behind (and a dull gold colored silk for the backing, just so's to make it a bit solid), and here it is.  Framed, phew. 

 To say that the stumpwork wires were my friends is to state a total big fib.  Actually stitching the stumpwork pales in comparison to the difficulty of getting the wires to sit in the back where you want them, so the wings don't turn backward when you stop looking, and so they come out in the right order.

Anyway, here's my first stumpwork presentation, and the first of the three wilderness pieces.  The others are on silk and satin, so the stitching will be a different issue.  But they're competing with two pieces of goldwork for my attention at the moment.

And I right away see a couple of tiny things to fix, but taking it out of the frame and doing that isn't a big deal.  It's just not for today!


  1. how delightful what amazing stumpwork, so looking forward to seeing the next 2 you have lined up

  2. They look very happy in their habitat. Nice work!!


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