Saturday, October 18, 2014

Art at MCCC in honor of a faculty member

Long time since I took studio courses, and exhibited at this gallery, and I don't know the faculty any more, but this potter, Lyn Ports-Lopez, died very young, in August this year, and was truly talented.  Go here to learn more.

So I went today to honor her, really, and see the other faculty members' exhibits.  Not the strongest show, so I signed the visitors' book, and took only a couple of pix, including ceramics by the featured artist.  

Paul Mordetsky had a lovely charcoal drawing and a very good watercolor.  So I enjoyed what I could, had a couple of nibbles from the food table, and went for a stroll around the campus.

Some nice architectural design on this windswept campus, which really needs hundreds of people to bring it to life, but I never saw more than a handful at any one time, in the years I was there. 

 The Gallery's in that building on the left.

 But, for some celebratory reason, these balloons were waving about, in a what were they thinking sort of way

Little gazebos here and there.

And there's some great landscape design, too, since that's a specialty of the course offerings.  People come to have wedding pictures taken at various nooks around the campus.

And on the same property, producing renewable energy for the campus, are acres and acres of solar panels, which look oddly like lowslung greenhouses from a distance.

Interesting afternoon.


  1. what an amazing vase, such a shame that this lady passed away

  2. Very interesting ceramics and what a beautiful campus. It must a lovely place to study at.


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