Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wilderness piece update

People have been asking to see the critters created to date, and what I'm up to.  So here's the current state of play.  The parts of the butterflies are still separate, until they are stitched onto the final surface, but I've tried to post them in their little bags so as to show you the general idea.  The molded paper pieces will be stitched in somewhere, don't know where quite yet.

I've done most of the dragonfly body, but still need to bead the head and stitch some interesting features into the tail.  Meanwhile, thanks to Florence, I have a piece of organza to work the dragonfly wings.  And I've drawn them, and I'm stitching on the wiring for the shapes.

The pic shows the body on one hoop, the wings on another, and the working drawing cut out because I had to use it as a template for the felt padding of the body.  

I drew in the wings on the body hoop, too, so as to remind myself of the placement.  But when I came to draw them individually on the organza on the other hoop, you see that there are four parts to them, all to be wired and able to pose off the surface of the work.  I love the stitching of the wiring.  I'm using a purple silk thread for this.

Since I have two possible backgrounds, one a white silk with dyed colors, one a black sateen with a copper monotype on it, this might be shaping up to be a diptych, one daytime scene, one night time scene.  We'll see.


  1. I love the idea of a diptych. That would be stunning.

  2. I like how this is progressing - you've almost convinced me to try some stumpwork, but do you think it would be possible to send me some more time??


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