Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Lounge Lizard, fully beaded and ready for the show

Lizard is now all beaded up and I think he's done.  

Removed from hoop, and set along with the butterfly wings.
Next I have to figure out my turtle. Or maybe a bee.  Or a dragonfly.  So many insects so little time so much ambition. And I have two shadow boxes ready for pieces.  

I may end up putting the wilderness animals on that black satin with the copper monotype on it.  Just wondering.  Or possibly redoing some earlier goldwork abstract shapes to mount on it like a series of constellations. I can go back in and change them to stumpwork by applying wire around the perimeter of each shape. 

Well, there's time to figure all this out while I make the animals to set in place on one piece or the other.


  1. isnt he a joyous little creature, Liz; I was quite taken with that black satin piece, it might make the perfect complement to the little critters you're making...

  2. He is rather beautiful and definitely well done.

  3. Lovely Lizard doing happy dance.


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