Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dragonfly's wings getting there

Here's the current stage of my dragonfly:  body with sparkly touches, on one small hoop, and the four wings, wired and outlined, on the organza, on another.  I put them together so you can see the extent of transparency of the organza, compared to the solidity of the body.  The wings you seen drawing on the body hoop are just an indicator of where they'll be.  The drawing will be cut away when I remove the body from its backing.But you see how the wings, overlapped, will still be visible, the bottom set through the top set.

I'll probably stitch metallic turquoise and gold threads on the wings.  Interestingly, I find that the back of the wings looks better than the front, so that may become the front when I mount them. Organza is interesting to work in since you can see the back as you draw the thread through, and you have to take account of that visibility and avoid drawing threads across where they will be seen.

I might end up stitching back and front, to make the wings two- sided. And once I get the wings completed, I may carry the motif of turquoise over to the body, too.

Next little animal will be either a bee or a turtle.  We'll see.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this little fellow all assembled! Bee/turtle - hmmm - I'm voting turtle.

  2. the wings will look spectacular in turquoise yes the turtle gets my vote too


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