Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Unlikely Start for an Artwork

For years I've thinking idly about making wreaths, what with the dried flowers and various interesting items I have already, to put on one,  and now I was given among a lot of other stuff, a door hanger for a wreath. 

But the basic framework escaped me, didn't have a circular item to use as the base.  Until this morning when I was virtuously recycling, and there at the dumpster were two small sturdy bicycle tires.  

So one is now on my patio, mud rinsed off, drying and ready for me to cover and then decorate.  And I will even be in time for the fall season. Then I can redo it for various other seasons.  Rubber will be easy to attach items to, and to pin on a base fabric covering. At least that's the plan.  Since the front door is behind a full storm door, it's protected from the weather and wind, so that's not a problem. I just have to be sure not to make it too dimensional, so as not to hit the  storm door.

Upcycled art.


  1. perfect, what a wonderful idea! you could even screw in some of those cuphooks (the little ones) if you wanted to drape/hang stuff from them but not have them on the greenery itself. oh, the possibilities.

  2. I saw the picture before I read your post and my first thought was "what a cool loom and how clever you were to think of that". Well, the clever part obviously fits, but the loom part? Not so much.

  3. what a great idea, are you saving the other tyre for a Christmas wreath?

  4. Just took one. Someone else might need the other!


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