Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Silly Season!

Time for some unserious, thisisnotart, stitching, for the silly season.  And a painted and stitched apron pretty much fits that
description for this cook! 


Stenciled from a stencil I designed and cut, using liquid acrylic metallics, then random painted dots, then split-stitched with mixed colors of floss, six plies.  

This apron was a gift to the embroiderers' group from a stitcher member, who brought in a bunch of them, thank you, Margaret.  She's working hers in drawn and pulled threadwork, which gave me a great idea for how to continue this design.  

Meanwhile, this is where we are!


Karen B. Kaplan said...

When art is functional, that does not entail that it is silly or trivial.

Boud said...

The Silly Season is a term meaning this is just for fun. And I agree that trivial doesn't apply here. But fun does!

Ash said...

Me likey! Very nice, looking forward to seeing what else you add to this fine start.