Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Purses rule!

So I was at the library this morning, not the one where I exhibit, another, I use several libes, and the circ. desk lady admired my purse and asked if I'd made it.  They've seen a lot of my stuff, and received presents, too, so they're alert.  I explained that I had, and that it was made from string from the hardware store.  My favorite art supply store. 

She called over another libe lady and they were exclaiming about it, oh, just string, well, look at that.  I showed them the lining, a piece of linen, whereupon Libe Lady One, not missing a beat, said, oh that makes it high-end! whereupon we all fell about laughing.

It's simple double crochet, no pattern, I just crocheted till it was wide enough and long enough to double and crochet two sides, created a strap, crocheted it in place.  I've been using it for years, and it wears just fine.

And the little phone beaded purse, this one's for you, J, because I think that cord I used to crochet the strap is also from one of your care packages, along with the beads.  It looks exactly like a gold chain, just single crochet. I showed a pic of this before I'd added the strap, in case it looks strangely familiar.


  1. The first step I could do. I'm good at going to the hardware store. I might be able to do the second step. The third step, uhhh. It's this whole 3D thing.

  2. Hardware stores are marvelous places! There is so much fodder for creation within their walls, just waiting to be discovered. Love your purse btw.

  3. i love the purse, and of course yes I recognized the beaded holder--but sadly we no longer have the kind of hardware store you can browse. Ours are generic, regulated, and made for people who know what they want and not a farthing more or less. Our old one was like that, you could find speckled blue agate ware, have your keys duplicated, buy clothes line and the pole to go with, back up into a whole section of chain and rope, and stumble over cast iron bits that you never knew you needed until you saw them.

    Walmart and HomeDepot just isnt the same.

  4. Two very practical bags you have there.I can remember when we all had string bags for shopping, I still have one that was Mum`s, so good for tins etc.

  5. Love the bags. High end? Chanel, no less. I mean it.


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