Friday, August 1, 2014

Bringing in the Sheaves

So the latest gold and other work is done.  

I learned a few interesting things doing it, one being that I need to get on to something different now.  But I did find out that shiny thread mimics goldwork, and that three threads are enough to give variety to a small piece like this, uncomplicated design.  And only a couple of touches of very small seed pearls. These are from the box I scored at the thriftie recently, so they're in honor of a stitcher, to thank her.

Now I need to get on with planning the paper-and-stitching piece and choosing what to use for an or nue experiment, and how to proceed with the honeycomb and on and on.  And how to do the bee's wings using a standaway method.  And how the purl, cut tiny into beadlike bits, will work for the bee.  Or bees.

Some people have trouble finishing pieces, get lured away by new exciting projects. I have the opposite problem: absolutely must finish current work before I embark on another. 

While I finish up, I'm thinking about the next, trying a few little ideas, as with the molded paper, but to actually do it is an exclusive on my time!  But it does mean I get stuff done.

Anyway, this is where I am.


  1. this is delightful, liz. you learn your lessons well, and it shows. do you have plans for this, incorporating it into something else, maybe...

  2. For me, it is perfect as is. Simple, and full of space.

  3. Re bees wings (as opposed to bees knees!)...have a boo at the library to see if they have any books on stumpwork. I'm sure that technique would work admirably for wings. And your wheat is definitely realistic!

  4. a beautiful piece and looks so realistic

  5. This is simply awesome! Lovely work Liz.


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