Sunday, June 8, 2014

New goldwork adventure

This is a practice piece I started on last week's trip to the convent class in goldwork.  Click to see better. The instructor supplied absolutely everything, even stretcher bars.  She suggested we draw a right angle and a more closed angle, sorry, terminology escapes me, to practice couching.  And that we attach a piece of felt we'd cut into a circle and beveled at the edge and work over it.

I realized that these items could make a nifty monogram for moi, and then I went off in all directions. I wanted to practice my tight corners and my bricking (alternating the fine threads to create a wall-like design), and my working in a circle, too.  I used three different gold threads, and the stitching down threads are all silk, luxury at work here.

I was doing this this morning to keep myself on an even keel, performance anxiety before the library gig this afternoon.


  1. this looks good, I know from the little sample I did when I did my C & G course the threads were very tricky to work with, afraid that is all I ever did with gold work

  2. This is looking very interesting. I find your adventures in embroidery every inspiring.

  3. That's a practice piece? Surely you jest.


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