Friday, June 6, 2014

Artist in Residence Tapestry coming to a close and a beginning

This afternoon musician and old friend Bill Bauer and I met for a setup session before our joint performance on Sunday, he improvising on the piano the gesture of the work as I weave on it, finishing off the last little part. I saved this section so as to have some weaving to do on Sunday, and today added in a few bead embellishments, my handmade waxed beads.

The actual removal of the tapestry from the loom and the finishing work is a session unto itself, and might be a nice one to do as a demo a bit later on.

Extra added attraction: artist friend I haven't seen for ages made spontaneous arrangements to drop in, and she and her daughter got a free concert and performance as we set up for Sunday! 

Pictures are of her with daughter examining the tapestry, and of Bill at the piano deciding on his musical approach.  Since he and I are both very intuitive artists, this was a mystery, how it would work.  But I think it will work just fine, judging by our rapport this afternoon.


  1. Never having heard such a concert, I can't imagine it at all. Will you be having it put on a video?

  2. Interesting concept - who knew there was such a thing as improvising music as another person works. Wish I could see/hear it!

  3. sounds like a lovely afternoon, background piano playing I am sure complemented your wonderful weaving, look forward to seeing it completed


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