Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Artist in Residence Tapestry all finished, done

I went in to the library to do the final finishing rows on the tapestry, this being the knotted stitches across the top which will be turned under during the finishing after it comes off the loom.  

I'm showing you a pic of the completed tapestry and a closeup of the finishing area -- you'll see the difference between the regular weave and the two rows of knotting stitches, one in each direction.

Finally measured!  the unfinished size is height 37 and width a shade over 19, inches that is.  Once finished, it will be nearer 35 by 19, not quite a golden rectangle (that ratio would be 1:1.6) but close enough, at 1:1.8 to be pleasing to the eye.

Local blogistas, please note that as part of the library's summer program, I plan to take the tapestry off the loom while you can watch, and I will do the finishing.  That will be 1.30 p.m. on July 14th, an unusual way to celebrate Bastille Day!  Come to the libe and get directions on where to find me.


  1. Thank you for taking us along for the ride on this fabulous project! xo maj

  2. yes, thank you. i love the colors, the perspective, the process. this is wonderful.

  3. so enjoyed this journey we have been on with you, thanks for telling us the size, it is difficult to tell how big or small things are from a photo

  4. Yay! Let the celebrations begin!! Thank you for telling us the size because it gives us a better idea of the actual scope of the project - and the amount of work that was involved. What becomes of the tapestry now? Will it hang in the library?


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