Monday, June 2, 2014

Art saves us all, acanthus contines

Stitching was interrupted for a few days to give way to helping friends in a difficult situation, but today I was able to stitch a bit, and the peace that comes from doing it was so welcome.

So here's where acanthus is as of today, with the end nearer than the beginning! click on it to see better.

On Wednesday I go with a group to the convent I showed you here some time ago, for a class in goldwork embroidery, been waiting a long time to get this experience.  One class this week, one next.  So after doing a lot of goldwork, I'm going to learn how to really do it! so typical of my Ready!  Fire!  Aim! approach to life.


  1. When this is finished, will it be framed, or put on something?

    I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the gold work.

  2. It's being created as an exhibit entry in an invitational show for late June,hence moving forward asap on it. It will be framed in a box frame, under glass.

  3. Your goldwork experience is a little like putting the cart before the horse maybe, but I'm sure you will learn lots at the class anyway.

  4. coming along so well, enjoy your gold work class, think you are pretty advanced before you start


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