Friday, June 13, 2014

Adventures in Goldwork

To follow our adventures in goldwork, go here 
and if you missed the previous session of this two day workshop, go here, too.

You'll see my own goldworks in progress in the pix there.  Many plans for future goldwork now in my mind.  And we are thinking of a Guild trip back there in the fall, to stay over a couple of nights and really get into the atmosphere of the teacher and the quiet environment, perfect for stitching, cloisters, all that. Nice resident dog and cat, great friends, too.

Nearer home, the tapestry Four Sisters will come off the loom in mid July as part of the Summer program at the libe, with an audience, to see the culmination of the Artist in Residence period.

We're working on finding a display area for it, to show the product of the program, and to give me a chance to acknowledge all the participants from a distance.

Doing this tapestry, rugged as it got as it went on, has given me ideas about the next big piece of work, apart from goldwork.  I liked very much the way you could see through the beaded sections, against the window, at the performance, and would like to capitalize on that idea with the next one, and maybe involve some whitework, too.  We'll see.


  1. Whitework and tapestry work....hmmmm....?

  2. white work sounds a good idea, it is one of my favourite techniques, I also like anything done with just one colour.


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