Monday, May 5, 2014

Schwalm work in progress

This piece is great fun, and if you've never tried drawn threadwork or white on white, this is a way of doing both.  And needleweaving, a first for me.  Also following a stamped design, another first for me.

I always like to have work that fits the season, and in the higher light of spring and summer, this is a good project.  I'm on my way to stumpwork, but other things tend to intervene, including this one. Click to see better.


Now I have ideas about designing my own Schwalm...but first I have to finish the gridwork on the two remaining hearts on this one, then do the needleweaving.  And finish off the little flowers in the middle, too.  But after that, well.


  1. this is looking so lovely. I seem to think i have a book on schwalm work must check it out

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with as your own design. I suspect it might be a little more free-form.

  3. Liz, this is lovely. We have quite a bit of this in the house, as all the ladies in my husband's family were needlewomen, and some of it is exquisite. Im planning on framing a few of the pieces at some point, its a shame to have them moulder in the hope chest.
    I admire your patience with this, and to have it turn out so well must be very satisfying.

  4. You're definitely giving me inspiration to give this art form a try. I bought a book (which also came with the fabric to practice on) so I'm getting closer!

  5. A gorgeous design and beautifully stitched. I haven't tried Schwalm yet but it looks lovely.


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