Thursday, May 15, 2014

No pix, just musing

Just thought I'd muse a bit and pass on my thinking, in case it's useful.

As you probably know, you don't make art by staying at it hour after hour.  Your eyes lose the capacity to see, your creative energy wanes, and it's better to work in shorter periods with total focus.

I was forgetting this ancient principle in my stitching because it's slow and mesmeric and I find I'm working at it for longer periods than other artforms.  And yesterday I didn't like at all where Acanthus was.  Could only see problems.  Wondered if I should bag it and go on.

Then this morning I looked at it with fresh eyes, and realize I am actually pleased with this progress and now have a better idea how to proceed.  Doh on me for forgetting that basic groundrule!

Because my hands are a greater issue than they used to be, I've tended to work until they didn't want to go on, rather than work till the art told me to take a break.  Not such a good decision.

I hereby pledge to remember this.

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  1. You have it in writing now, so you're honour bound to abide by it!


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