Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the hoop..

Greek themed design is coming along, but much more needs to happen before it works as a whole.  Meanwhile, here's where we are:

It's always interesting to see a design on the screen like this, and now I'm thinking of removing a couple of blue areas and replacing them with white, so as to draw less attention to themselves. Click to see better.


  1. tough decision re removing some blue but must admit I do like the white on white

  2. Blue and white - perfect marriage! I think I see what you mean about reverse stitching a bit of the blue. Not fun to do, but it ends up being more balanced. Sez I, who spent most of yesterday afternoon unpicking an area of what I'm working on and being much happier as a result.

  3. Just a couple of bits - but where? I look forward to the next pic.

  4. You are so clever. I love your take on traditional needlework.


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