Saturday, May 3, 2014

Baltimore's Best -- The Kinetic Sculpture Parade

I just had a great visit with a couple who wanted to buy a piece from my recent exhibit, and while they were here, they not only gave me a CD  the husband, a musician, who knew, had produced, but they showed me a series of pix they took today in Baltimore, where they were visiting family.

Wonderful event, an annual race/parade the Kinetic Sculpture event, which you need to know about.  I didn't, and now I'm glad I do.

Go here for more: 

And maybe plan to be there one year!  it sounds like the greatest fun.

Speaking of great productions, Karen has brought out her first book, a series of reflections on conversations she's had in her profession of hospice chaplain, wonderful stuff.  You can find it on Amazon.  Take a look: Encountering the Edge: What People Told me Before They Died, by Karen B. Kaplan.  I just did, and it's on its way to me.

I know from personal experience that Karen is a gifted chaplain, and now she's a writer, too.


  1. the book sounds very interesting, will try and get a copy as my daughter is a nurse in a hospice she would also be very interested in reading it, my Father was chaplain at Christie Hospital in Manchester many years ago back in the seventies

  2. The parade does indeed look like great fun.


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