Friday, May 16, 2014

Artist in Residence Tapestry close to completed

I put in a session this afternoon on the tapestry, which is getting near completion, and since the Dollivers are in the mood to watch other people work, as readers of Field and Fen are aware, they decided to cross over to Art the Beautiful, to honor the tapestry with their presence and to give me a few tips.

They did think several pounds more beads would be good, but otherwise were happy to perch and watch as I worked. They did wonder why this is Four Sisters, when there are five Dollivers, but I pointed out that everything's not about them, which came as a bit of a surprise.

You see that there's little more to do, but this section is really strenuous, partly because I'm reaching up all the time, partly because near the top of the loom, the tension on the warp is much greater and the threads further apart. 

I took off the cartoon, figuring by this time if I don't know what I'm doing, there's no hope at all. 


Interesting to see it again.  Any number of people have asked me to estimate the number of hours put into this piece, and it's in the neighborhood of 50 to 60.  I finally did the math.  What I forgot to do was measure, so that will be another small task.  And I will not forget to write up all the participants in this work, in various capacities, to exhibit along with it.

The next time the tapestry is on view to the public will be June 8th in the gallery when the library celebrates its 50th birthday, and I'll be doing some final work on it, the tapestry, not the birthday,with a pianist friend improvising on the tapestry's theme.  Should be fun, and it's pretty short, since neither of us wants to go on and on!  but I'll be sure and get pix of the artists there, and the various artworks on display.


  1. My but those Dollivers show great appreciation for your art, Liz, and so they should.

    Post some pics when June 8 rolls around, won't you.

  2. Given what the Dollivers have been doing for you, I'd love to have them by my side while writing. Just think how much better my stories would be!

    Very much looking forward to more pics of the tapestry. -Karen

  3. I see the D's are suitably garbed for the visit! I'm rather surprised that at least one of them didn't attempt to climb the threads for a closer look.

  4. will miss following your progress when this masterpiece is complete, trust you have something else lined up to keep us happy


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