Friday, May 2, 2014

AIR Four Sisters Tapestry getting close to there

The tapestry on the earthloom is getting closer to finished. Click to see better. Today I added a section that red area top right, and the variegated pink area top left, and I've brought home the figure on the top left to adapt it better to the space before I weave it in next week.

There's still a lot to do after the main weaving is complete, though, since there will be finishing touches with beads, braid, maybe other ideas on the front, and a ton of weaving in of ends on the back!

Surprising that it's getting to an end, since it's such a big undertaking I wondered how many weeks of steady work it might take to get there! At this point I'm doing all the work standing, with my arms raised, because it's getting taller than me.  Art is an aerobic activity.


  1. this seems to have grown quite a bit since your last post, looking really good

  2. Amazing! I really had no sense of the size of this work until you said you had to have your arms over your head to work on it now. Definitely a labour of love!!

  3. Partly this is because it's on a loom whose warp area is a couple of feet off the floor, partly, yes, it's a big piece! note to self: measure at finish to give this info.


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