Friday, April 11, 2014

Weaving in the gallery

It was a hectic but great afternoon in the gallery with people coming and going, interested in the weaving and in the exhibit and I spent a good bit of time answering questions all over the area, didn't sit much after the first hour. But I did get some weaving done!

Most of the visitors were either artists or friends of same, great convo.  One interesting lady, who simply loves textile arts, engaged me in a great discussion with some really epic questions.  Turns out she was a computer programmer back in the day, and doesn't make art, just loves it, which I reminded her, is just as valuable in the scheme of things!

Most of the pix were taken by other people and I'm in them, so this group is a bit sparse.  Also one of the staff was up a ladder, determined to get the lighting brighter for my opening on Sunday, and since the bulbs just arrived, dashed up to the ceiling to replace a lot of them.  Looks a lot better.  Very exciting place this afternoon what with all these different activities.

You can see the charcoal version of Four Sisters there on the left behind the loom, as a keen visitor takes pictures for future reference and makes notes of the books I brought in.  She left with plans to teach herself tapestry weaving.

Next is the husband of a stitching friend who didn't want to be in the picture, obligingly posing!  and at the bottom is the current State of the Tapestry. 

As you see, it's getting exciting, as I've completed weaving in one of the small pieces, and I'm getting ready to incorporate another. It's really starting to come together now, and it will be on display in the gallery for the opening, so that will be fun.

Life is definitely good today.


  1. oh yes this is coming along so well, can`t wait to see the finished piece

  2. It really is looking nice. How exciting. I especially like reading about your interactions with visitors, artist and art enthusiasts alike. It really make this project all the more special.

  3. Who knows how many potential weavers you are inspiring!


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