Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Loom Holder Upper is here!

Suddenly there's Mike E. at the door with the finished Liz and Mike Loom Holder Upper!!!  

it's great, and we tried it out immediately with artist stretchers and it will definitely do the job.  He designed it so that I can warp sideways, then turn the stretchers so the warp is vertical and set it in place again to work.  

And he thoughtfully installed big knobs to do the tightening work, to make it easy on my hands.   He hasn't yet figured out what I owe him, but knowing him, it will be very reasonable.

And Mike was very amused to see the miniature weaving I had been at work on when he arrived, pic here of red and gold bracelet dyed and awaiting findings, and new blue/purple/silver narrow one in progress. 

So here's the Liz and Mike Loom Holder Upper!  in person. Mike declined to be in pix, but I did catch his feet as you see.

He recycled two shelves I gave him, used some scrap wood, set aside a bit of nice other wood from another client project, and worked it all out.  All done with screws so it can be disassembled and reassembled as needed.  But it's very manageable for the stairs, and I can work any place this way.  I luv this.

Happy Dance!!


  1. That's great. Joining in your happy dance. Lovely to get an idea and craftsman that works.

  2. what a talented man and not only a practical piece but nice to look at too

  3. Looks like the two of you have hit upon a winner. Perhaps a career change for both of you is in the offing?


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