Saturday, April 19, 2014

Looking ahead already

Now that I've agreed to teach a couple of kids workshops in the township summer art program, which I decided would be stick weaving, but using drinking straws, cheaper and easier for big groups, my inner achiever is at work.

Never mind that I won't be doing this till maybe July or August, I have ordered the yarn, measured the amount each youngster will need to complete a weaving, and made a little one myself as a prototype for the program director to see, since she's unfamiliar with this weaving.  See picture above.

Since the theme of the summer program has to do with Greek, or It's All Greek to Me, I decided that variegated yarn in the Greek colors of blue and white would be a good choice.

So it's on order already.  And I'll get a box of straws.  I need to do my own shopping for this, since only I know exactly what I need, though the program person would gladly shop for me.  But she will have volunteers at the ready nearer the time to measure out lengths of yarn so we can give out supplies rapidly.  

Anyway,this is where I am.  I used yarn I had at hand, not having blue and white, just to test the principle and remind myself of the practice, too.  Always a good thing for the teacher to know how to do the project.


  1. I am sure the kids will enjoy this ans what a good idea to use straws

  2. I am humbled to be part of your work and getting excited to see the finished product.

    What a col idea to use straws to weave, I'm sure the kids will be very engaged.

  3. The kids are going to have so much fun - and they will be impressed that the base is something as common as drinking straws. Wonderful plan!

  4. Yes, always good for the teacher to know what she is teaching. I love the rainbow colours.


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