Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barbados calls, with wonderful yarn for the tapestry

I was just on my way to packing for a trip to the library to work on the tapestry this afternoon, when the postie brings a little package.

Ash this is just lovely, and thank you so much.  I can see some of this yarn finding a home in the tapestry this very afternoon!  great choices of color, which will tone in poifectly, and sparkly yarn too which I can incorporate into the robes of the sisters.  

Your timing is impeccable, Ash, and thank you so much. And the tealight candle is now in the middle of my candle setup on the hearth, ready for Easter.  Too cool!


  1. I am happy that they will be a part of your work of art and I am very happy that they got there so quickly. :)

  2. Always good to receive pretty, squishy, yarnie goodness in the mail.


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