Friday, April 25, 2014

At home, the whitework continues

Here's the current stage of my Schwalm stitching.  As you see, it's drawn threadwork, and I have to draw all the four hearts out, then I'll learn at our next embroiderers' guild meeting what to do next.

I like the lattice effect and I think I'll probably use some in an upcoming design on linen.  I love drawn threadwork.


  1. I'm following this project with interest because I just ordered the 'Basic Principles of Schwalm Embroidery' by Luzine Happel and hope to muster the courage to give it a go. Drawn threadwork has me intimidated - too afraid I'll suddenly develop a tic and cut the wrong threads.

  2. this is coming along so well, I have a book on this technique (along with hundreds of other books) must have a look at it soon so many books so little time!

  3. Wow I love how this is looking. So much fun I can't wait to see the finished results.

  4. That is looking beautiful. I love drawn thread work too although I've only ever done drawn thread hems and hardanger. One of these years I might venture into what you are doing.


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