Friday, April 18, 2014

AIR update on tapestry and leisure stitching

I put in another good afternoon at the tapestry, interested visitors, including a young home schooler and her tutor, who asked many questions -- I think I was a field trip--and left planning to warp up a picture frame and make a tapestry.  Great afternoon of showing visitors around the exhibit, too, since I was in the gallery.  This was a great idea, nice exposure and good questions.

Quite a few youngsters, too, but I was careful not to include them in pix, since I don't do that without parents present and giving their okay.  I did take one, a little girl peering up close at today's work, on her mother's sayso.

Ash, you can see the leftmost pink area and that beautiful soft grey area, on the right, from your gift.  Both working very well, and a real pleasure to handle. And I definitely have to figure out how many hours I've put into this work, since that's becoming the number one question.

 And then there's leisure stitching, learning Schwalm whitework, a German art form, taught by a fellow stitcher in the Guild, who studied it in Germany. Here's a detail, then the whole work.  It's very restful following someone else's lines!

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  1. so good to see so many are interested and to have the children asking questions sounds as though you might have youngsters having a go. Schwalm work looking good too


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