Thursday, April 24, 2014

AIR Tapestry update

Yesterday I put in an extra session to get more done on the tapestry, very challenging point this, since it's getting done but the design gets harder as you go, because of all the previous decisions.

So this is where we are right now, and as you see, it's rapidly getting there. Click on the pictures to see better.

This is the completed work awaiting the two pieces you see below which are pinned temporarily to see what will be the happiest location for them.

And here's a detail, with various greys, including a wonderful sparkling one at the top.

As I was leaving, I went down to the first floor, looked over at the gallery, and to my great joy discovered one of my art icons, in the gallery studying my work.  A very private person, though well known as an artist, I won't intrude on her life with names and pix, but it was so great to get her comments and reactions and critique. 

She was one of my earliest teachers, and strongly suggested that I should exhibit, and the rest is history!   another artist, Carol H., had given her a ride over from the town where they live, on an impulse, and it happens that she was one of my drawing students years back.  

So it was like three generations of artists/teachers all there by chance at the same time. Given that our elder is in her late 90s and still exhibiting and encouraging other artists, this is a great model to bear in mind. As is the fact that she's very much at home with the computer and wanted the link to this blog to come in here and see what's up.

She also came up to the third floor wanting to see the tapestry, and sat before it offering all kinds of interesting thoughts.  She loves the idea that when the piece is finished and exhibited, it will have a list of credits of all the people who donated to it, in the form of fleece, or beautiful finished yarns and beads and general encouragement.


  1. The growth of work on this is incredible (or at least seems so to me). I hope you have kept track of the number of hours of work that went into it for inclusion in the credits.

  2. coming along so wonderfully, a good idea to add the hours worked on it

  3. Loving how this is coming. You are really putting in a lot of work and it is getting nearer to the end.

    I am very happy to hear that you had such a pleasant time with your artist family. That brought a smile to my face.


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