Friday, April 25, 2014

AIR the tapestry is getting there!

Amazing to see that we're getting close to finished, at least the major part of finished.  Once all the main pieces are woven in and all the background complete, then I need to add a few items here and there.  And then after that the big job of weaving in all the hundreds of tails on the back of the work.

The big red figure is now emerging, the top part woven ahead, and now I'm working up to incorporate it into the whole work. 

Here's a detail of the work I accomplished today

And how the whole piece is starting to look. That red section on the right will extend right up to incorporate the red figure there. Some of the rough looking bits between sections will be underneath the final touches I'll be putting there, possibly beads or braid.

This was the last time in the gallery, and it was a fairly quiet afternoon, but there were several visitors who watched silently and signed the book and went away!   After this I'll be working on the third floor again, since there will be another exhibit in the gallery.


  1. The thought of having to move this from place to place is rather frightening to least for me anyway. I'd be so afraid of dislodging the underpinnings and wrecking the whole thing!

  2. it really is growing but the thought of all those ends to sew in hate that part myself ad I have just tackled it on a quilt

  3. The loom is on casters, so it just wheels from downstairs into the elevator, ride up, wheels across to the room on the third floor where I work on it.

    In fact the warp threads are taut enough that it's like a piece of fabric on a frame, no loose parts to lose, really. And it's covered with a giant cloth between sessions. So it's okay, really. I even leave needles stuck in and haven't lost any yet.

  4. And those ends, yes, that will be session unto itself!


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